Equipment rental and technical services for TV and film production

Production Services

Multicam flypacks, digtal cinema kits, reality TV kits, post-production facility. Technical crew and workflow management

Corporate & Webcasting Flypacks

We offer compact multicam packages specially designed to fit corporate and new-media production budgets.

Up to six Canon XF-305 or Canon EOS C100 Mark II camera kits with all necessary accessories like intercom, monitoring, wireless video links, DDRs, streaming encoders for Youtube and Facebook Live.

We are able to provide lighting and audio equipment for corporate events, so you have all benefits of turn-key solution.

Broadcast Flypacks

We are able to provide broadcast-quality flypacks preconfigured according client’s requirements.

We can set-up either three camera systems for VJing or ten camera systems with requested number of DDRs for TV studio or live productions.

We use Sony HXC-100 Triax camera sets; Sachtler and Vinten tripods and pedestals; AJA, Blackmagic Design and Panasonic switchers; AJA Ki Pro DDRs; AEQ intercom. Available B4 lenses are Fujinon 12×4.5, Canon 20×8.5, Fujinon 22×7.6, Canon 40×10.

We are able to help with hiring cameramen, sound engineers and other production professionals.

Digital Cinema

We offer cost-effective kits for TV series and documentary production.

These are Sony PXW-FS7 and Sony PXW-FS7MII camera kits with all must have accessories. You can order Sony PXW-FS7 with Sony CineAlta 4K lenses, ZEISS Compact Prime CP.2, Canon CN-E or cost-effective Samyang prime lenses; Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+ monitor and recorder; Timecode Systems, Ambient Recording and Tentacle timecode equipment; Hollyland and Teradek wireless equipment; Tilta follow-focus systems and grip; QTake video assist; Sony, Sennheiser, Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, Countryman and Rode audio equipment.

Check our rental for the details.

Reality TV

We are able to provide eight identical camera kits, twenty identical wireless microphones, 100TB online and 100TB offline storage for your reality show.

And a professional technicians, editors and sound engineers! We know how to film, edit and manage reality production.

Post-Production Facility

We created one of the most advanced post-production facilities in Ukraine

Our facility consists of 12 post-production suites, 2 color-grading suites and 2 sound suites with voice-over booths

Our post-production powered by amazing the JetStor solution with almost 400TB RAID hosted within 8Gb FC network under a control of Tiger Technology software (complete system with Tiger Spaces and Avid FS options)

Collaborative Editing

Our facility is made for the true cross-platform collaborative editing with Avid Bin Locking and Adobe Shared Projects support.

With Tiger Spaces we can grant required storage space and protect access to your content.

We always back up our client’s contentment. All this is a matter of time, money and post-production quality.

Stand-alone Editing Suite

In these days when many projects can be done on a notebook, but you may still need more storage space, more plug-ins, control surfaces, calibrated monitors and other professional options.

You can rent an editing room from us with required hardware and software options even for one day.

Post-production Environment

Just to be clear. When we say "editing room" we mean clean 12 square meters room with toned window glass, gray walls, air-conditioning, normal furniture, Wi-Fi and professional hardware and software required for your project.


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